Under Appearance → Widgets you will find all of the widgets from Warta theme. Most of the widget options are self-explanatory. We have also include a description for each options that need explanation.

Below are the widgets that need further guide.

Twitter Feed Widget

The Twitter Feed widget is disabled by default. Please follow the instruction below to activate it.

 Required plugin: Redux Framework
  1. First, you need the Twitter API Keys. Visit
  2. Create a new app.Twitter Apps - Create
  3. Enter the application details.Create an application - Twitter Application Management
  4. Open Keys and Access Tokens tab, then click Create my access token button.
  5. Here is your keys:Warta   Twitter Application Management
  6. Back to WordPress admin page, navigate to Warta → Twitter API Keys and enter the keys.Theme Options - Twitter API keys
  7. Now, Twitter Feed widget is available on Appearance → Widgets, and you can start using it.

Feedburner Widget

Before you can start using this widget, you have to activate the Feedburner email subscriptions service. Also you need to know your Feedburner URI.

  1. Go to your Feedburner dashboard.
  2. Activate Email Subscriptions service.Feedburner - Activate email subscribtion
  3. Click Edit Feed Details to find your Feedburner URI.Feedburner URI

Flickr Feed Widget

On the widget options you cannot put your screen name on field ID. If you don’t know what your ID is, you can get it from idGettr.idGetter


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