Page Builder

Page Builder is a tool to create a custom page layout especially for your Front Page.

Opening the Page Builder

  1. Navigate to Pages → Add New.
  2. Click the Page Builder button to open the Page Builder.Page Builder button
  3. The post editor will be hidden and the Page Builder will be displayed.
    Page Builder

Adding a New Row

  1. Click the Insert Row button.
  2. Select the layout or enter a custom layout.Page Builder - insert row modal
  3. Click Insert button to insert the Row.Page Builder row

Adding an Element

  1. Before inserting any element, you need to click the column where you want to insert the element, otherwise the element will be added to the bottom.Page Builder - column selected
  2. Click Insert Element button to select the element.Page Builder elements
  3. Click the element that you want to add.
  4. Configure the element.
  5. When you finish click the Insert button.
    Page Builder - element inserted

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