For the basic tutorial on how to add/remove widgets please visit WordPress > Appearance Widgets Screen. That tutorial will show you how to add/remove widgets from Appearance → Widgets. You can also add/remove widgets from Appearance → Customize.

KaciMuih Widgets

KaciMuih offers 3 widgets:

  • Author Bio:
    Displays an author biographical information with optional avatar and/or social links.
  • Post List:
    Displays a list of posts. You can display popular posts, recent posts, posts within a certain category, etc.
  • Advertisement
    Displays an advertisement with size 250×250 pixels.

The widget settings are self-explanatory. And there is description on each fields that need explanation.

RSS Widget

On the demo, you can see a RSS widget on the bottom. Actually it is just a Text Widget. If you do not know how to add the link, please follow this instruction:

  1. Find the RSS URL
  2. Create the link
    <a href="YOUR_RSS_URL">YOUR_LINK_TEXT</a>
  3. Add the link to your text
    You can also subscribe to my <a href="">RSS feed</a> for following my latest post in this blog

Jetpack Widgets

KaciMuih supports Jetpack widgets. For the documentation, please visit Jetpack > Extra Sidebar Widgets.

Fetch Tweets

KaciMuih also supports Fetch Tweets widget. For the documentation, please visit Fetch Tweets > Installation.

KaciMuih offers 2 custom template for this plugin. To activate it:

  1. Navigate to Fetch Tweets → Templates.
  2. Activate KaciMuih and/or KaciMuih Single.
  3. By default the Plain template will load its style sheet file and this will increase your page load time. So, if you do not plan to use it, it is better to deactivate it. To deactivate it, you need to change the default template to KaciMuih or KaciMuih Single. Then deactivate the Plain template.

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